I admit I was a little surprised when my humans told me we were going to study about “half pancake” holsters today — I really love pancakes! But I soon found out it wasn’t going to be an early brunch – and my humans really don’t make holsters out of those fluffy yummy circles, either.

Instead,  I learned that a full pancake holster has been a favorite for a long time, especially for concealed carry. It’s made from two pieces sewn together, and has two belt slots- one on either side of the gun – that a belt goes through. It carries a holster flat and tight against the body and is pretty comfortable to wear. But it takes up a lot of room, and not everybody is “big” enough to wear them.

The Gary C’s Avenger Style is a “half pancake” style.


It’s made from a single piece of leather, folded in half around the gun, with a second piece to stiffen the mouth of the holster that also forms the tunnel loop behind the gun. A “trailing” belt loop snugs the holster tight against the body. This half pancake takes up less “real estate” than the full pancake on the belt. It’s a great concealment choice.

So now I understand why it’s called a half pancake, but now I’m hungry…

‘Til next time!


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