Looking for a quality Avenger Style leather holster for your Sig Sauer P938 9mm or P238 380 – a great concealed carry option?

Gary C’s Leather makes a holster that will hold this gun securely and tightly against your body for comfortable everyday carry.

The design has a tunnel loop behind the gun’s action and a trailing edge loop that snugs your gun close to your body so it is never “floppy.”

Shown is Right Hand listed in our Amazon Store. If what you need isn’t listed, contact us. We make to order.

Gary C’s Avenger holsters are also available for some other Sig Sauer Semi Auto models, and in Left Hand, and other standard colors of Antiqued Golden Brown and Dark Cherry.

Check with us – we may have it available now, or can make it to order.

NOTE: Only the holster is for sale, all other items shown for illustration only.

For more information or to contact us:

    Gary C's Leather Website