Happy Easter to everyone!

We’ve been gone on a trip to the coast where we celebrated the wedding of my “human brother” and his new wife.

JesseAndMisuCongratulations Jesse and Misu!

It was beautiful, and I enjoyed the long road trip, but it’s great to be back home – I’ve been really busy checking up on everything. Gary and Peggy are now back at work and  reminded me I’ve got a job to do, as well!

So today I’ll “shed some light” on a new product Gary has finished this past week.

Gary received a request for a narrower flashlight/torch pouch than the pancake style we make –

and yes, just thinking of pancakes still makes me drool  —

but back to the point…

Being a small shop we can’t always build every project that is suggested by our customers, but this one we were able to do.

Gary designed this durable case style from heavy tooling leather that will protect your flashlight if you throw into a backpack or bag, store it in your vehicle, ATV, tractor or just about anywhere. It has a belt loop on the back so you can carry it on your belt or thread it onto a strap.



‘Til next time!


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