We are thankful to be on the backside of the COVID-19 shut down. To all those who have lost so much during this time, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Here in northwest Montana we are fortunate our community was only lightly affected, and has begun ramping up slowly.

During the Stay-At-Home period, we began the process of streamlining our online business. We wanted to share some of that and to reassure our customers that we are still in business.

Over the years we expanded sales to FIVE online stores, while also doing custom work from our shop. As a small two person shop, we have always valued making a quality product and providing the best customer service we can. This year’s shutdown and crisis, along with changes in the online marketing environment over the last few years, spurred us on with the streamlining project.

First: we are streamlining our online presence. That entails phasing out our two smaller marketplace platforms: our own Online Shop “Gary C’s” on the Shopify platform, followed shortly by our Gunbroker Store. Any remaining items on those platforms are in the process of being moved to our other stores on Ebay, Amazon and Etsy.

Second: Changes in gun regulation in various states, primarily the prohibition against handguns with 10+ round magazines, has had an effect on our holsters for semi-automatics. We are not dropping the gun leather for semi-automatics, but will not be stocking them to the levels we have in the past. Most of our semi-automatic gun leather is transitioning to  “Custom Build” basis. If you don’t find what you need in our online stores, just contact us. We can let you know if we can build it for you. Our current lead time remains at about three weeks, more or less. We can work with you through our online stores or directly.

Holsters and ammo pouches for revolvers have become the primary focus of our shop, and we are expanding our Black Powder gun leather as well. Just like gun leather for semiautos – please contact us if you don’t find the model, barrel length, handing or color you want.

Third: We are no longer offering International Sales. Our sales in that market were always modest, but during this crisis global shipping became untenable. We decided to end global shipping. We will, of course, still ship to all 50 states and US territories.


Business has picked up once more in the shop, and we, as always, welcome the opportunity to work with you on a holster or other accessory leather. Below are links to our THREE online stores – and you can always contact us directly or through our website!

Gary & Peggy


Gary C’s Leather        619 Blue Mountain Rd.      Libby, MT  59923

EMAIL:     woodentrout@live.com

PHONE:   406  293-8860

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If an item you need is not currently available -  
model, barrel length, handing, color, or an accessory or pouch -
Please contact us. 
We may have it in the shop, or may be able to build one for you.
We respond to inquiries quickly and love to visit with you!
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