Didn’t have any lessons last weekend – Gary was in repair mode in the shop – replacing some parts on the Dust Collector, and testing it out. With a small shop – that means things are down until problems are fixed. Gary’s smiling again, so I know everything is fine.

I made good use of my time, there was lots of snow and my very favorite – icicles to chew on!

Back to finishing up my lessons on leather.   Today I learned why the holsters and other things my humans make are so stiff.  It has to do with that wetting and molding process Gary shared a couple of weeks ago in our last blog post.

When Veg Tanned Tooling Leather is wet – using hot (but not too hot) water, it gets all soft and can be shaped very easily.  Once it’s allowed to dry out, though, it gets very hard. Ever had a pair of boots that got soaking wet – remember how stiff they would get after they dried, and it seemed to take f-o-r-e-v-e-r to get them softened back up again?  You’d rub in oil or conditioner to get the leather all pliable and soft again.

Well holsters aren’t meant to be treated like your boots. You want to keep them stiff. So Gary tells all his customers they’re meant to stay stiff so they keep the shape of your gun and keep it from getting loose in the holster. Oiling, conditioning or using things like mink oil to soften up the leather on your stiff holster just defeats the whole purpose.

Here’s some pictures that helped me see just how stiff  Gary C’s Avenger holsters are:



Well, that wraps up my lessons on tooling leather. Gary says I’m ready to start learning more about the design of his Avenger Style holster next!

See you’all next week!


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