Ever since I was a pup I’ve loved the smell of leather. My human Gary makes custom holsters from it. And today I learned there’s a whole lot more about the leather.

 Notes from this week’s class:

  •   It all starts with cow hides.
  •   We use Hermann Oaks Vegetable Tanned Tooling leather. It doesn’t have chrome or other harsh chemicals that could damage the finish on a gun.
  •   The leather is Full Grain – meaning the top grain layer has been left intact, so it retains its strength and is durable.
  •   The leather has been hard rolled – so it is more uniform, and it’s very stiff
  •   Each hide is unique – and it’s graded at the tannery for defects/scars/brands, and within a thickness range
  •   Gary uses 10-11 ounce for his Avenger holsters


And that’s when everything got a bit confusing. Ounces don’t mean weight. In leather it’s about thickness.

Each “ounce” means the leather is 1/64” thick.  Gary’s 10-11 ounce leather is between 10/64 (5/32) and 11/64 of an inch thick.


 I’m about all learned out for today. There’s more to this spokes dog thing just smiling for the camera. Even if it’s hard, I’m not going to give up.

But thank goodness it’s Recess time. Yippee!

 ‘Till next time.


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