Avenger Style and Cross Draw
Prototype Gary C’s holsters for 1851Navy and 1862PocketNavy Black Powder pistols.

Have designed and prototyped a couple of belt carry holsters for my 1851 Navy (strong side Avenger style) and 1862 Pocket Navy (Cross Draw). Now to test ‘em out. Tough job – but somebody’s got to do it!

1851Navy 1862PocketNavy Holsters
Tough job — but somebody’s got to test out these 1851Navy and 1862Pocket Navy holsters!

Wanted to get back to thank everyone who recommended which Black Powder pistol to add to the new collection I’ve started.  Been checking into your suggestions, and I’ll be mothballing the purchase of a Walker (for the near future).  I’m now leaning toward a Dragoon and the Spiller & Burr. (Big shocker –  notice I’m not limiting that with an “EITHER/OR!”

Gotta get some holsters made before I can add more than those two to the holster business!

Let the smoke roll…